Spray Analysis




Nexum OSPA (Optical Spray Pattern Analysis) Systems

The OSPA is a compact, portable, fast and efficient tool for analyzing spray patterns for a wide variety of continuous flow devices (such as fuel nozzles, atomizers for painting, spray drying, sand-blasting etc.) and transient spray devices (such as metered dose inhalers, fuel injectors, and personal care products). Quantitative measurements of standard geometric descriptors such as AREA, DMIN and DMAX, or custom descriptors, such as patternation index and spray distribution uniformity, can be made rapidly. Current models are in use in research and development laboratories and for on-line monitoring of process quality. Specialized software, engineering support, and consulting are also available 

Whether you require spray analysis for quality control or maintenance operations, Nexum can provide you with an efficient and affordable system. If purchasing a complete system is not for you at this time, send us your nozzles and we will test and fully characterize them for you! 

Our satisfied customers cover a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, furnace nozzle and pharmaceutical.




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